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Sr. Software Developer, Software Engineer

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Maltepe / İstanbul


My name is Emre Sarıoğlu. Usually I work out of my home office for -- as a full-stack developer. Before this I was the software developer at some companies, now I have my own company and working for that. I have 8 years programming experience especially in web projects. As an experienced software developer with a demonstrated history of working in the programming world. Skilled in PHP and Java. I can make improvements to the backend and the frontend. That's me, today. I'll be different tomorrow, hopefully better.

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Okan Üniversitesi / Computer Engineering



2021-07-21 - Devam Ediyor


Digilera is a software company that develops the most suitable

solutions for the needs of the Insurance, Fleet Leasing and Automotive sectors. A software company that designs efficient, reliable and user-friendly products that will facilitate the lives of all our stakeholders through business partnerships.

I develop and support the internal processes of the company and the project written in Symfony used by the customers.

I am also designing and developing a microservice architecture to use the new version of the company's enterprise CMS with Node.js.

I am also managing the php & java team's tasks.

Used Technologies;

Symfony, PHP, MySql, Node.js, Mongodb, RabbitMQ, HTML, CSS, JavaScript,Java,Spring Boot


2021-03-01 - 2021-07-21

Sr Php Engineer

Birikimevim is a financial company that provides financial

support to those who want to own a house and a car all over Turkey.

I was developing the company's CRM application coded with CodeIgniter. At the same time, I was responsible for bank and 3rd party integrations.

Used Technologies;

Laravel, CodeIgniter, PHP, PostgreSQL, Node.js, HTML, CSS, JavaScript


2020-04-20 - 2021-03-01

Software Engineer

Teknofix is a company that provides services that can manage

the installation, delivery, document collection and technical support needs of corporate companies operating in the B2C model at the end -user address.

I was making improvements according to the needs of various units in the SalesForce infrastructure portal application used by the company.

In Inventory, Store, Backoffice modules; (Inventory Transfer, Approval, Return, Objection processes, Cargo Tracking System Integrations (MNG, Sürat) etc.)

Mobile Application Integrations (Services for mobile applications used by field teams) I especially developed the operation of the store sale and returns operations and the system integration with the inventory.

IT office365 - Salesforce Integrations Used Technologies;

PHP, Rest, Soap, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery

Limon Film Yapım

2017-10-01 - 2020-04-17


Limon Production has been operating in the cinema- television world since 2003 by importing films and formats, as well as producing movies, television series and various types of programs for TV.

I was responsible for the setup and operation of the company's IT and Software infrastructure.

On Intranet CMS which is developed with C#, I made some development for some modules (company information, work in the market, casting agencies, information of the players etc.)

I developed a content management system where contracts are scanned and archived on Laravel.

For Optimus Consulting which is partner of the company, I made additional improvements for the hocalarageldik.com site. (Guidance system, Quiz system, Api Integrations, Question Solution System, Exam Simulation ...)

At the same time, I coded a mobile application named Milses (I developed a service with PHP and provided a database connection with Framework 7 Infrastructure and AngularJS with the Cordova framework)

Other Projects :
I worked for Backend and mobile integrations for a VOD platform called Lim10Tv, (Not Completed)

I developed a site for limonproduction.com.tr on Laravel

Technologies Used;
PHP, Phalcon, Memcached, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL

Entegres Bilgi Teknolojileri

2014-09-12 - 2015-09-13

Helpdesk Uzmanı

Entegres Information Technologies is a company that produces services and solutions in the field of information technologies.

I provided IT infrastructure services and supports to a team of 80 -100 people.

Server Setup, Configuration, Management (DHCP, DNS, Active Directory, FileServer, Exchange Server, Firewall)

Proffesional Skills

Php 99%

Vue 45%

MongoDB 76%

Redis 45%

Laravel 85%

Phalcon 45%

RESTful 99%

Javascript 85%

Node Js 55%

CodeIgniter 75%

Memcached 90%

Html 99%

Java 80%

Personal Skills

İletişim 70%

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